Simple Keepsake Ornaments

I love symbols, sentimental mementos and any sort of visual representation of a memory. However, storing or displaying these objects (without losing track of items in boxes or making the house look like a museum) can be a challenge.  That’s why I love these transparent, “make your own” ornaments from Michael’s. They make it simple to put together a beautiful keepsake ornament to commemorate a memory or event.

After Tony’s & my wedding in 2013, I made an ornament to mark our first Christmas together as a Ornament2family. Shortly after the celebration in June, I pressed the petals from my bridal bouquet in between the pages of the Complete Works and left them to dry for a couple months. That winter, I took a few minutes to fill an ornament with the petals (and some fine glitter, of course) and now, each year when we decorate for the holidays, we have a nice reminder of our wedding as well!

2015 marked a special and exciting year for us as we welcomed our daughter, Mira, and so it’s time for a new ornament.  I’ve kept her hospital bracelets, umbilical clamp and ribbons from one of her first presents tucked away for the past several months (nine and a half to be exact ;)) and am excited to put them into a small and simple display to revisit from year to year.


First, I sprinkled coral glitter hearts in the bottom of the ornament and swirled them around so they stuck to the sides as well.  Then, I poured a healthy amount of very fine glitter into the ornament to create a translucent, sparkly coating all over. Next, I filled the ornament with keepsake items.  For this ornament, I started with the curly pink ribbon, putting in just enough to fill the ornament and then added the hospital bracelets last so that they could be easily seen. Finally, I added a simple pink ribbon and ornament hook and voila, all done!

It only takes few minutes to create a unique and beautiful keepsake ornament to store your memories in a way that your whole family can enjoy each year.

Happy Memories, Glittering and proCraftination!!

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