Postpartum Fashion Short-Cuts!

I am about the furthest thing from a fashionista 😉 however, I have settled into a quick, comfortable and presentable-for-work routine post-baby that I thought I’d share!

I loved this post by Matilda Kahl about why she wears the same thing to work everyday!  She opted for a sharp, comfortable and professional look that she could throw on each morning without putting too much time or thought getting dressed each day.

This is also a great approach for new moms as they enter the difficult “4th Trimester” phase where the focus shifts from highlighting the baby bump to hiding the inevitable (post)baby bump. Having a baby adds a whole new element of fun to the getting-ready process in the morning, so you want to make things as simple as possible! Granted for the first few weeks, when both the upstairs and downstairs of my body were going through new breastfeeding and post-delivery pain, I focused on wearing things that were very soft or would touch me as little as possible.  However, now that things have healed, here is my post-partum uniform:

  1. Nursing Tanks – Whether nursing or not, the long, stretchy fit of these tops smooths over lumps and bumps and work well in any season. I received some of these tanks as gifts from fellow moms and bought a
    My easy postpartum uniform

    My easy postpartum uniform

    few more to round out my collection so that I can wear one each day to easily nurse my baby while at work or on the go! (Hint, these run small, so order a couple sizes larger than you’re used to wearing)

  2. Stretchy Pants, Skirts and Maternity Jeans – I fully intend to keep wearing my favorite maternity jeans. 😉 I am now totally spoiled and have no desire to wear a pair of pants with a zipper or buttons again.  Just kidding… kind of. 🙂 My mainstays are low-cut waist yoga paints, maxi skirts annd maternity “skinny jeans” (which is an hilarious turn of phrase).
  3. Long, Flowy CardigansThese are a life saver!  Their length works wonders by creating a slimming effect and there are so many great colors, patterns and styles of these in-expensive, layering sweaters, that enable you to easily add a little fun and variety into the “uniform.” 🙂

One more tip… I have all of my sure-fire-sure-to-fit postpartum clothes in one section of my closet and I don’t even take a second look at the rest of my closet right now!  Time is so precious and fleeting with my new, little bundle, that I don’t want to waste any more time trying on old dresses that won’t quite zip, shirts I’ll just leak through or pants that make me feel less than confident.

Long, flowing and comfy makes this mom happy!

Long, flowing and comfy makes this mom happy!

I couldn’t be happier with my post-baby life and I’m embracing my post-baby body as well – that’s one amazing & strong belly I’m strategically covering! 😉



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