Nicknames my daughter will need to shake before running for office

The JEB! campaign got me thinking about a very important issue. What if my nicknames for my daughter stick?? I mean, John Ellis Bush is a nice name and he doesn’t get to use it!

Growing up, I only knew my mom’s sister as Aunt Muffy. Her dad started calling her Little Miss Muffet when she was little and it stuck.  I had no idea she had a different name until I was a teenager and my mom instructed, “Everyone at her office calls her Cathy. We need to stop calling her Muffy.” I guess for some reason she didn’t feel like Muffy was suitable for work?!

Hmm all of this made me wonder, how would my little Mira-Pie’s nicknames fly in the office??

My name is Smooshie

“Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce our first speaker this morning, the esteemed, Ms. Smooshie Monterastelli.”


“Wow, Lady Poops-a-lot, you really have a way with spreadsheets!”





“No, seriously, Milk Bandit, you have to tell that story in the meeting!”


Woman Using Laptop Relaxing Sitting On Sofa At Home Talking On Phone


“Yes, this is Miss Plumperton. How may I help you?”




“That’s Mrs. Sweety-Muffin to you!”


These are the things that keep me up at night!  No, just kidding – it’s my teething, Smooshie-Moosh-Moosh who keeps me up at night. 😉

While we’re on the subject, what nicknames do you have for your kids?

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2 thoughts on “Nicknames my daughter will need to shake before running for office

  1. Kathryn Medellin

    Ha! This is so true. I call JJ “Bubbas” or “Schnooks” or “Papas” most of the time. Personally, I’d love to work for someone names Schnooks some day.

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