Lactation Partners to the Rescue!

Thanks to the help from so many wise friends, great resources, lots of reading and years of longing, I felt totally prepared to welcome Mira.  The nursery was finished, we had all the necessary gear, carseats installed and bags precisely packed.  However, in my excitement for her arrival, I hadn’t done much thinking about the knowledge (and supplies) I might need to breast feed.  I just figured I would know what to do when the time came.  Well, turns out, I could have used a little more preparation. 😉  Those first few days were really rough as baby and I both got the hang of things.

Thank goodness for the wonderful help from Lactation Partners! I learned about them through Bump Club and Beyond and boy did they come to my rescue. 🙂 I gave them a call while in a fairly desperate state four days after baby’s arrival… sore breasts, bloody nipples and hungry baby. Judy called me back almost immediately and offered several helpful tips over the phone, including a prescription ointment for my doctor to call in to the pharmacy. She and her colleague, Joan, then shifted some things around in their schedule and arranged to come over for a home consultation the very next day.   Joan arrived right on time and immediately began to put my mind at ease from the moment she walked in the door.  She cheerfully greeted me and hungry baby and started coaching us through our nursing set up, recommending arm, body and pillow positioning. She brought out her scale and weighed Mira to see where she was in comparison to when she left the hospital. She also gave tips for steps to take before and after nursing to ease my discomfort, helped me set up my breast pump (that my husband ran out and bought that morning – I mistakenly thought that I wouldn’t need a pump until I went back to work) and introduced me to these awesome, Medela SoftShells that protected my sensitive nipples between feedings. Joan stayed for almost two hours to make sure I was on the mend and confident in meeting Baby’s needs.  She then called to check in every couple days — even remembering when Mira’s next check-up at the doctor was and wished me luck and asked me to text her about Mira’s weight gain (which ended up being right on the mark). 🙂  I’m so grateful for this extra help and advice that enabled me to comfortably feed my baby.

Whatever the process — breast, bottle or formula, I’m grateful for the people, resources and knowledge that help us raise happy, healthy, babies!

Milk Cheers 🙂 , Natalie

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