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The story behind Stars Over the Mountain –


“Mon-ter-ah-stell-ee,” he said. I smiled as the quality of his voice and name hit my ears. “Monterastelli, it loosely translates to stars over the mountain…”

I’ll always remember our first meeting at that little coffee shop in Irving Park. All the tiny moments, from Italian Soda and facebook messages that lead up to years, careers and daughters-to-be. His name rang in my ears and now I couldn’t be happier to share that name with him.

I didn’t officially become a Monterastelli until I was 33, but the Stars Over the Mountain were always there. Through each stage of life, I felt a constant urge to reach, rush and climb on to the next step. There was always a promise of stars at the end of “one day” and “as soon as I finish with this…” My teens and twenties were a whirlwind, filled with activities and promises to myself, “Things will be amazing when…” Life will really start once…”

I rushed through undergrad in the Midwest to a fast-paced life of performance and teaching in New York City. But it was never quite fast enough for me… What role would make me happy? What job would pay enough and mean enough? What relationship would be the relationship? From performance to teaching, day jobs to a masters degree, new cities, new career, I always felt pressure to keep climbing… that’s not quite it, not quite it… I could see the stars and I’d be able to touch them if only…

The launch of my own business in 2009 was the beginning of my realization that this is it. No matter what we are seeking and striving toward, we are in it. There is no magical endgame except what we recognize around us, in others and the everyday moments of life.

I loved being an entrepreneur and handling all the creative and not-so-creative responsibilities of being a one-woman-show. I thought, well, this is it. This business is my heart and my child … and then I met Tony Monterastelli. The stars were shifting again. This time was different, though, I wasn’t climbing toward happiness and magic, I was already there and it was simply time to enjoy another side of the mountain.

So today, I find myself back in Chicago, the Executive Director of Bubbles Academy (a place of pure magic in it’s own right, surrounded by a team of stars :)), a Monterastelli and having delivered my first child on February 5, 2015. My husband and I are so thrilled to welcome her and witness her discovery of the stars over the mountain and all around her.

I am excited to launch this site as a place to document, share and exchange moments of everyday magic, milestones and connections with old and new friends!



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