Card Tricks!

My husband and I are sentimental and love holding on to the cards we’ve gotten for special occasions. However, with limited space and mementos mounting daily, 😉 here are a couple ideas for consolidating and reusing card collections, while still maintaining the memories:

1) Greeting Card Book –

For months (ahem, years actually) our wedding cards had been sitting in a bag in the closet, waiting for me to decide what to do with them.  I couldn’t throw them away, but wasn’t sure how to manage the pile in a way that might encourage us to flip through them for years to come. Inspired by my husband’s and my love of books, I decided to make a simple ring booklet to hold the cards together.CardTrick3

  • To get started, determine the cover of your book.  I decided to use the biggest, sturdiest card in the pile, however, you could use any card stock or chip board. Make sure that your cover is larger than the rest of the cards you are using. I had so many cards that I decided to make two books, so one half of the card made cover 1 and the other half made cover 2 so that both books would be the same size.
  • Punch holes in each of the cards in approximately the same spot.  I used Martha Stewart Crafts Heavy Duty Punch from Michaels.
  • Decorate your cover page (if you like or just use your favorite card as the cover). I used a few supplies I had around the house to decorate. I cut a paper bag in half, scored the corners and folded over the cover and secured with tape.  Then I used durable decoupage gloss finish to paste a light teal (my favorite color from our wedding) doily to the cover on the first book, along with a sparkly ampersand sticker.  For the second, I decoupaged an image from one of our wedding cards. Then I hot glued some scraps of ribbon to the top and bottom of each cover to trim.CardTrick2
  • Finally, you’re ready to slide all of the cards onto a metal ring.  I used Michaels DMC 1 1/2 ” metal rings.

You’re all set with a compact keepsake to display or store! 🙂




2) Cardstock Stash

For less sentimental cards that may end up being recycled or thrown away, try this quick tip before you trash: CardTrick4

  • After reading and enjoying 🙂 I like to cut the front page off of greeting cards.  Usually, the inside cover of a card has a pretty design with no words. Once cut, you have a nice-sized piece of colored card stock that you can use for other craft projects, or simple things like labeling boxes or making your own postcards. 



Happy proCRAFTination, everyone!! (Procraftination is that extreme urge you get to make something out of your wedding cards two years after your wedding instead of figuring out insurance paperwork. It’s also making labels for baby clothes instead of doing the dishes. 😉 )  xo, Natalie

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