Me with my daughter Mira near her 1st birthday! Photo by TK Photography

Hi! Thank you for visiting!  I’m Natalie Monterastelli, a musical theatre actress and improviser turned teaching artist, business owner, director of Bubbles Academy, early childhood arts center and now, Mommy.
I created this blog as an outlet to maintain a creative space for myself as I navigate family life and career while holding on to my love of art, performance and silliness. Creative projects — no matter how small — make me happier in the day to day.
I initially started this site for myself as a fun side project, however, a friend of mine recently encouraged me to “find time to keep the posts coming” because she said they, “help me realize that I am not alone.”  — And that really is the goal, isn’t it?  Finding ways and time to connect through stories, conversation and art… You are not alone and I am so glad you are here and that we can share in experiences together. xo

Click here to read the story behind Stars Over the Mountain and what it means to me today!
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