9 Things I Learned During My First 9 Weeks Breastfeeding

BREASTFEEDING … amirite??!

Who knew that something so natural could be so tricky?  Here are some not-so-serious insights from my early months breastfeeding:

1) Baby’s not the only one who needs a bib – This is my very first experience with cleavage, so I had no idea how much could be caught and stored in the new-found pocket between the top of my shirt and the shelf made by my nursing tanks. ;-P Pro-tip – wear a turtleneck when eating popcorn
2) My baby should be in a Dyson commercial – Holy moly do NOT try to loosen baby’s latch before she’s ready. 😉 (Cue British dialect) She does not loose suction.
3) Ariel is not the only one who can rock the shells – Seriously, though, these Medela SoftShells have saved me (Although I wouldn’t recommend wearing them without a shirt, nor shall I don a bikini or mermaid tail anytime soon).
4) Get a waterproof mattress cover – I hadn’t woken up in a soggy mess since my bed-wetting days – makes me feel young again ;-P
5) No alarm clock needed – Wow, I’m my own personal sun dial without the sun! I can tell you exactly what time it is by the swelling of my breasts (within 3 hour increments, of course).
6) Toilet paper is a must – My husband leaves the bathroom with little pieces of toilet paper on his face after shaving and I leave the bathroom with squares of toilet paper stuck to my boobs so I don’t drip all over myself after getting out of the shower.MilkDrop
7) When I use my breast pump I hear Black Eyed Peas “Party Rock” in my head… this one takes a little explaining…  Ok, you know the “let down” button on the Medela Pump in Style? Ok, well, when I push that button, instead of hearing “Let the beat rock“, I hear “Let the MILK DROP” annnnd commence shuffling 😉 anybody with me??
8) It’s ok to cry over spilt milk – Seriously. It’s hard work getting that liquid gold out of there and slightly devastating when I accidentally knock over the bottle while trying to remove pump parts … or my sweet, smiley girl spits up an entire feed while I’m trying to take her 2-month photos ;-P
9) I have to admit, I do feel like a rockstar when I see my baby’s chubby cheeks – It works! I’m feeding her and helping her grow 🙂 Our bodies really are miraculous (if messy ;)).
Cheers to all mommy’s and daddy’s filling your babies with love and nourishment, from the boob, the bottle and the heart! xo
Thanks to the Lactation Partners for helping me get off to a good start breastfeeding!

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