6 New Mommy Milestones to Celebrate

What if we celebrated our postpartum mommy milestones the way we mark each of our baby’s first accomplishments??  It might look a little something like this…

  1. Mommy Said Her First Word! Ibuprofen
  2. Mommy went Pee-Pee on the Potty! (with some assistance) Let’s face it, going to the bathroom postpartum can be TERRIFYING! But I did it … just like riding a bike (eek, not that I would MommyMilestones2recommend riding anytime soon!!)
  3. Mommy’s First Time Rolling Over! (Well, first time in 9+ months, that is) – Ahhhh no more wedging myself with pillows or wrestling with the snoogle in order to stay put sleeping on my side all night. Oh yeah, check me out, going to sleep on my back, my side, my stomach (at least for a couple hours at a time).
  4. Mommy’s First Bite! (of sushi… and cold cuts… and whatever the heck kind of cheese this is) It feels so great to lose (at least most of) the anxiety about what I can and can’t eat.  Now, if I could only MommyMilestones3embrace being told, “Wow, you’re getting so big!!” and “You’re such a good eater!” as gracefully as my daughter, I’ll be set. 😉
  5. Mommy Sat Up for the First Time! (without that inflatable donut pillow) and those disposable ice packs are finally a thing of the past, hallelujah!MommyMilestones1
  6. Mommy Slept Through the Night! (without waking up to check baby’s breathing or to stare at her on the baby monitor). Well, maybe I just watched you for a few minutes, but then I self-soothed with a little Facebook scrolling and went back to sleep without a fuss.

BTW, as of now, I’m 1,820 weeks old!
#1820weeks #420months #enjoyeverymoment


I love everything about being a new mom… including making fun of some of my new day-to-day realities, and of course, the photo ops. 😉 Thanks to my awesome husband for affirming my tomfoolery and for being my Papa-razzi!

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